Farewell Manual Data Entry, Hello Productivity

Francisca Management Services is delighted to share with you an innovative tool that we believe will help transform your business.

AutoEntry reads information from scanned or photographed invoices, receipts, expenses, statements, and more. Simply take a photograph on your phone and all of the information will be entered automatically into your accounting software, or you can download the data into a spreadsheet.

Within our own practice, we have been using AutoEntry with great success. We are so impressed with the software that we have partnered with them to secure a significant discount for all of our clients. You can now purchase AutoEntry through Francisca Management Services with a 50% discount for your first six months.

We have organised a free trial of the software as well as free training so you can see just how much time and money AutoEntry can save you. Just click on the link below to sign up for the free trial. Should you later decide to subscribe, you can then avail of our client discount of 50% for your first six months.