Pension Auto-Enrolment Solutions

The government's automatic pension enrolment scheme has made every worker in the UK better placed for a more comfortable retirement.

From April 6th 2018 the minimum amount employers must pay into workplace pensions is 2% (of qualifying earnings), and for staff members the change is 3% (a 5% total minimum contribution).

Both staff and employers can pay more in to their pensions too, and employers can even contribute more than the minimum so that meaning staff don’t need to pay in quite as much – as long as the total contribution is at least 5%.

Employers should contact their pension provider and it is recommended that accounting and payroll teams be prepared and take action to allow for these changes.

Changes to individual staff member payroll, let alone entire workforce payroll, can be a headache - but we have a solution.

How we can help

Francisca Management Services Ltd can assist payroll teams with the managment of this process by providing software as a service.

Our software solutions make accounting and payroll services, particularly pension scheme management, straightforward and takes the hassle out of making payroll adjustments.

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