Company Secretarial Services

Company secretarial services comprise the maintenance of the statutory books of the company. These are held on our server Linked by XML database to companies’ house online for updates and filing of statutory documents these information can be printed or sent by email to our clients as may be required.

The provision of company secretarial services should give peace of mind that the statutory books are correct at all times supporting fund raising or any other activity that might entail a search at Companies House.
Francisca Management Services Secretaries services include the provision of a company secretary. We provide the company secretary for a number of companies.

Also under the heading of company registration services is the provision of registered offices of which we maintain and have a streamlined service for this. With a staff of experienced secretaries in our London office we are able to provide comprehensive company secretarial services including such activities as re-organising the capital structure and updating your standard articles.

FMS Secretaries are one of many firms providing company secretarial services in the UK. Although the services that we provide are only in the UK we have clients from all round the world who have an operation in the UK.

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